Borrowing periods & fees

Books 2 weeks
Audio Books 2 weeks
Puzzles 2 weeks
Magazines 1 week
CD's (limit of 10 per card) 1 week
DVD's/Blu-Rays (limit of 10 per card) 1 week

Adult DVD's and Blu-Rays (rated PG-13 and R) may only be checked out by patrons 12 and older with a signed parental permission slip (available at the front desk).  Patrons 18 years and older do not need a permission slip.  Children's and Family DVD's (rated G and PG) may be checked out by all ages.

Materials may automatically renew.  Items not eligible for auto-renewal are magazines, items with holds or if the item has reached a maximum of 4 renewals.  


As of April 2021, we are no longer charging late fees for overdue materials.  However, if items are overdue you will not be able to check out additional materials.  If the items are 30 days past due they will be considered lost and you will be charged for the items not returned. 

Long overdue accounts of $25 or more are automatically sent to collection with no notice given to the patron.  An additional $12 fee will be added to the patron's account.  It is strongly advised that patrons retain and refer to their check-out receipts to avoid late fees.