Children's/Juvenile Fiction Books

AuthorTitleRelease Date
Armstrong, MiaI Am a Masterpiece!: An Empowering Story about Inclusivity and Growing Up with Down Syndrome1/9/24
Bates, IvanKeep Up, Duck!4/16/24
Belote, AshleyDon't Wash Winston3/26/24
Benko, KamillaThe Unicorn Legacy: Tangled Magic2/27/24
Bruel, NickBad Kitty Meets the Baby (Graphic Novel)1/11/24
Bunting, PhilipThe Wonderful Wisdom of Ants3/16/24
Bustard, NedSaint Patrick the Forgiver: The History and Legends of Ireland's Bishop2/21/24
BuzzpopCrayola Color the World with Kindness2/6/24
Chapman, JaneEach of Us is a Miracle: All Creatures Big and Small3/5/24
Clark, Zack LoranThe Doomsday Archives: The Wandering Hour1/30/24
Connolly, MarcykateThe Thirteenth Circle1/30/24
Cowdrey, RichardFiona and the Easter Egg Hunt1/9/24
Cummins, Lucy RuthSleepy Sheepy and the Sheepover2/27/24
Daywalt, DrewThe Crayons Love Our Planet2/20/24
Daywalt, DrewHappy St. Patrick's Day from the Crayons1/2/24
Daywalt, DrewThe Wrong Book2/27/24
Dunrea, OlivierPearl2/13/24
Dyckman, AmeThe Cozy Home: Three-And-A-Half Stories2/6/24
Emmons, LaurenNo Cats in the Library3/5/24
Fenske, JonathanA Uniccorn, a Dinosaur and a Shark Were Riding a Bicycle3/21/24
Freedman, DeborahPartly Cloudy3/5/24
Gates, MariamOlive at Once4/30/24
Gay, Marie-LouiseWalking Trees3/5/24
Gray Ruelle, KarenJump for Joy1/23/24
Ha, Ann KimA Friend for Eddy3/12/24
Hare, JohnPlus One1/2/24
Harris, ShawnThe Teeny-Weeny Unicorn2/6/24
Hest, AmyBunny Should Be Sleeping3/5/24
Hoyle, McCallMillie3/5/24
Hrab, NaseemOtis & Peanut Forever and Ever4/16/24
Jarman, JuliaCheeky Chick!1/2/24
John, JoryThe Cool Bean Makes a Splash3/26/24
John, JoryYou're Going to Love This Book!3/12/24
Kalb, BessBuffalo Fluffalo1/2/24
Kastner, EmmyWhile You're Asleep3/26/24
Kertell, Lynn MaslenBob Books - Sight Words Kindergarten Hardcover Bind-up Phonics2/6/24
Killick, JenniferDread Detention2/13/24
Lang, SuzanneGrumpy Monkey Spring Fever1/2/24
Larsen, MylisaAll of Those Babies2/6/24
Llewellyn, TomThe Five Impossible Tasks of Eden Smith1/2/24
London, AlexThe Princess Protection Program2/13/24
Maslen, Bobby LynnBob Books - Advancing Beginners Hardcover Bind-up Phonics2/6/24
Maslen, Bobby LynnBob Books - Set 1: Beginning Readers Hardcover Bind-Up Phonics11/7/23
McBeth, T LI Am Not the Easter Bunny!2/6/24
McMorris, KristinaElie Mae Dreams Big!1/16/24
McNamara, MargaretThe Luck of the Irish: Ready-to-Read Level 11/2/24
Morris, KeishaBetween Two Windows1/2/24
Mr. & Mrs. MacLeodThe Door That Had Never Been Opened Before2/6/24
Newson, KarlHow to Be Brave1/2/24
O'Brien, PatrickBig Babies1/23/24
Obuhanych, KarenThis Little Kitty in the Garden1/30/24
Patterson, JamesMiddle School: Million Dollar Mess1/8/24
Petty, DevDon't Trust Cats: Life Lessons from Chip the Dog1/2/24
Pilkey, DavDog Man: The Scarlet Shredder: A Graphic Novel (Dog Man #12)3/16/24
Random House DisneyDisney Wish: The Deluxe Graphic Novel1/2/24
Richardson, Kim MicheleJunia, the Book Mule of Troublesome Creek3/15/24
Riddiough, Lisa FrenkelPie-Rats!3/12/24
San Severino, FaithPeabody the Mini Horse2/6/24
Schultz, ConnieLola and the Troll2/6/24
Shaskan, StephenPizza and Taco: Wrestling Mania! (A Graphic Novel)1/2/24
Shepard, SaraPenny Draws a Secret Adventure3/5/24
Shum, BensonImagine You and Me1/23/24
Silvey, CraigThe Underdogs of Upson Downs3/12/24
Slivensky, KatieThis Wolf Was Different3/5/24
Smith, MaggieMy Thoughts Have Wings2/13/24
Teckentrup, BrittaA Happy Place2/6/24
Tran, PhucCranky2/6/24
Van Draanen, WendelinGravity is Bringing Me Down1/16/24
Yee, LisaThe Misfits #1: A Royal Conundrum1/2/24
Yoon, HelenIs This....Easter?1/2/24

Updated 3/1/24