Children's/Juvenile Fiction Books

AuthorTitleRelease Date
Andrews, JulieWaiting in the Wings4/23/24
Applegate, KatherineThe One and Only Family5/7/24
Bates, IvanKeep Up, Duck!4/16/24
Belote, AshleyDon't Wash Winston3/26/24
Bunting, PhilipThe Wonderful Wisdom of Ants3/16/24
Cepeda, JoeThe Best Worst Camp Out Ever4/30/24
Chapman, JaneEach of Us is a Miracle: All Creatures Big and Small3/5/24
Cheng, CharlotteRoar-Choo!4/9/24
Clark, KarlaYou Be Grandpa5/14/24
Cocca-Leffler, MaryannDon't Ask Cat!3/7/24
Diesen, DeborahThe Worry-Worry Whale and the Classroom Jitters5/7/24
DiCamillo, KateOrris and Timble: The Beginning4/30/24
Downing, JulieHello, Sun4/16/24
Downs, MikeA Treasure of Measures4/9/24
Dyckman, AmeVacation: Three-And-A-Half Stories5/21/24
Emmons, LaurenNo Cats in the Library3/5/24
Fenske, JonathanA Uniccorn, a Dinosaur and a Shark Were Riding a Bicycle3/21/24
Freedman, DeborahPartly Cloudy3/5/24
Friedman-Everham, KarynOtter Oughta Know4/2/24
Garyn, AlexandraMaxine Gets a Job5/7/24
Gay, Marie-LouiseWalking Trees3/5/24
Gigot, JamiThe World in Our Backyard5/21/24
Goodwin, IdrisYour House Is Not Just a House5/7/24
Greenwald, LisaFortune Tellers5/7/24
Griffiths, AndyThe 169-Story Treehouse: Doppelganger Doom!4/2/24
Gross, KelseySummer: A Solstice Story5/7/24
Ha, Ann KimA Friend for Eddy3/12/24
Headen, Sandra W.Warrior on the Mound3/5/24
Hest, AmyBunny Should Be Sleeping3/5/24
Higgins, RyanBeach Bummer (a Little Bruce Book)5/7/24
Higgins, RyanPenelope Rex and the Problem with Pets3/26/24
Hoying, ScottHow Lucky Am I?5/21/24
Hoyle, McCallMillie3/5/24
Hrab, NaseemOtis & Peanut Forever and Ever4/16/24
James, LebronI Am More Than4/2/24
Jean, OrionRace to Kindness5/7/24
John, JoryThe Cool Bean Makes a Splash3/26/24
John, JoryYou're Going to Love This Book!3/12/24
Kastner, EmmyWhile You're Asleep3/26/24
Larochelle, DavidGo and Get With Rex5/7/24
Lourenco, EstrelaWalkies: A Dog's Tale5/14/24
McIntyre, RickThe Unlikely Hero: The Story of Wolf 84/16/24
McKinnon, HeidiFloof4/23/24
Nelson, SarahFirefly Galaxy4/2/24
Perrott, AudreyMoo Hoo4/16/24
Pilkey, DavDog Man: The Scarlet Shredder: A Graphic Novel (Dog Man #12)3/16/24
Ramm, MaggieBatcat (Batcat Book 1)3/28/24
Ramm, MaggieSink or Swim! (Batcat Book #2) A Graphic Novel4/16/24
Richardson, Kim MicheleJunia, the Book Mule of Troublesome Creek3/15/24
Riddiough, Lisa FrenkelPie-Rats!3/12/24
Rim, SujeanYou Are Loved5/7/24
Rowe, SarahFrom the Farm, to Our Table4/2/24
Rylant, CynthiaHornbeam Gets It Done5/14/24
Schmidt, Gary D.A Little Bit Super: With Small Powers Come Big Problems4/23/24
Shepard, SaraPenny Draws a Secret Adventure3/5/24
Sicuro, AimeeIf You Spot a Shell5/14/24
Silvey, CraigThe Underdogs of Upson Downs3/12/24
Slivensky, KatieThis Wolf Was Different3/5/24
Snyder, GabiLook4/16/24
Snyder, KimberlyChilla Gorilla & Lanky Lemur Journey to the Heart5/28/24
Steadman, A FSkandar and the Chaos Trials5/7/24
Stickley, FrancesBrian the Lion Who Learned5/7/24
Tate, JuneA Tiny Difference5/21/24
Theodore, AdreaI WouldLove You Still4/30/24
Timms, BarryThis Is Not a Dinosaur!4/2/24
Tracy, KristenI Am Friendly: Confessions of a Helpful Bear5/21/24
Turk, MarikoI'll Be Waiting for You4/30/24
Valasse, BrunoShine4/30/24
Watson, ReneeSummer is Here5/7/24
Wenzel, BrendanTwo Together4/23/24
Williams, SophyFeelings Are Wild5/7/24
Yolen, JaneInterrupting Cow Meets the Wise Quacker: Ready to Read Level 25/7/24

Updated 4/26/24