Adult books



Release Date

Acevedo, Elizabeth Family Lore 8/1/23
Aoyama, Michiko What You Are Looking For Is In The Library 9/5/23
Benjamin, Melanie California Golden 8/8/23
Berney, Lou Dark Ride 9/19/23
Borgos, Bruce The Bitter Past 7/18/23
Brown, Millie Bobby Nineteen Steps  9/12/23
Carter, Ally The Blonde Identity 8/8/23
Cast, P.C.  Out of the Dawn 8/8/23
Chiaverini, Jennifer Canary Girls 8/8/23
Childs, Laura Honey Drop Dead 8/1/23
Collins, Megan Thicker Than Water 7/11/23
Connolly, John The Land of Lost Things 9/19/23
Delany, Vicki Steeped in Malice 7/25/23
Eskens, Allen Saving Emma 9/19/23
Evanovich, Janet Dirty Thirty 10/31/23
Feeney, Alice Good Bad Girl 8/28/23
Fluke, Joanne Pink Lemonade Cake Murder 7/25/23
Flynn, Vince Code Red: A Mitch Rapp novel 9/12/23
Habeck, Emily Shark Heart: A Love Story 8/8/23 
Harvey, Kristy Woodson The Summer of Songbirds 7/11/23
Henn, Carsten The Door-To-Door Bookstore 7/4/23
Hoffman, Alice Invisible Hour 8/15/23
Jewell, Lisa None of This is True 8/8/23
King, Stephen Holly 9/5/23
Koontz, Dean After Death 7/1/8/23
Kruger, William Kent The River We Remember 9/5/23
Lang, Tracey The Connellys of County Down 8/1/23
Lapena, Shari Everyone Here is Lying 7/25/23
Lynch, Lindsay Do Tell 7/11/23
Macomber, Debbie Must Love Flowers 7/11/23
McAllister, Gillian Just Another Missing Person 8/1/23
McBride, James The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store 8/8/23
Nugent, Liz Strange Sally Diamond 7/18/23
Patchett, Ann Tom Lake 8/1/23
Patterson, James 12 Months to Live 9/25/23
Patterson, James 23 1/2 Lies 9/12/23
Preston, Douglas Dead Mountain 8/23/23
Reichs, Kathy The Bone Hacker 8/1/23
Silva, Daniel The Collector 7/18/23
Slaughter, Karen After That Night: Will Trent 8/22/23
Smirnoff, Karin The Girl in the Eagle's Talons: Lisbeth Salander 8/29/23
Steel, Danielle Happiness 8/1/23
Sutanto, Jesse I'm Not Done With You Yet 8/22/23
Sylva, Tasha The Guest Room 7/11/23
Thor, Brad Dead Fall 7/25/23
Weiner, Jennifer The Breakaway 8/29/23
Wood, Tracey Enerson  The President's Wife 8/15/23
Yarros, Rebecca Fourth Wing 5/2/23
Zurenda, Susan Becham The Girl From the Red Rose Motel 9/8/23

Updated 8/26/23