Library History

The Wayne Public Library was first established on November 4, 1925 by the Wayne Research Club. Alice McDowell was appointed the position of head librarian in 1926. The first location was in the primary room of the old elementary school on Center Street. Through the years the club accumulated books for the library from their own funds and from generous gifts by former and present residents of the community. The library remained in the old school building until it became necessary for them to relocate in 1936. The library was then housed in various locations until the Community Library Board applied for county help in funding the library in 1943.

With the goal of Wayne becoming an independent school district library, the Wood County Board of Commissioners took over the financing of the library as petitioned, and granted $1,000 to the library for operating expenses. In 1947, the library was able to purchase and remodel the old office of Dr. Burnham, located at 137 E. Main street 

The next major improvement occurred in 1958 when a new brick building 27 feet by 66 feet was built with funds approved by the County Commissioners. The need for additional space in Wayne had been apparent for some time when a new addition was added in 1965 that more than doubled the size of the existing structure. A community meeting room was added in 1987 to the back of the library to help bring together the various organizations in our community. Additional space was again added to the library in 2003/2004 and the interior remodeled to accommodate the growth in technology.  Today the library is definitely an asset to the community, the school district and the surrounding communities.