Movie Title

Release Date

Marry Me (PG-13) 3/29/22
Death on the Nile (PG-13) 4/5/22
Pokemon Journeys: Destination Coronation! 4/5/22
Scream (R) 4/5/22
Spider-Man: No Way Home (PG-13) 4/12/22
Moonfall (PG-13) 4/26/22
Blacklight (PG-13) 5/3/22
Turning Red (PG) 5/3/22
Dog (PG-13) 5/10/22
Unchartered (PG-13) 5/10/22
Licorice Pizza (R) 5/17/22
The Batman (PG-13) 5/24/22

Updated 5/3/22

Due to some delays of other companies, all movies might not be available to put on hold right away.  Please keep checking the catalog or call us with your list and we can put it on hold for you as soon as it becomes available.