Children's Books



Release Date

Allen, Kari Maddie and Mabel Take the Lead: Book 2 10/25/22
Andreae, Giles Brave Dave 9/6/22
Angleberger, Tom Two-Headed Chicken 9/6/22
Applegate, Katherine Odder 9/20/22
Aranda, Ana Our Day of the Dead Celebration 9/27/22
Arnold, Elana Pip and Zip 8/23/22
Barnett, Mac The Three Billy Goats Gruff 10/18/22
Beatty, Melinda Tell the Truth, Pangolin 10/18/22
Bell, Jennifer A. The Best Gift for Bear 9/27/22
Berlin, Ethan T. How to Draw a Happy Cat 10/4/22
Blabey, Aaron Pig the Rebel (Pig the Pug) 10/4/22
Bongers, Charles Do Trees Have Mothers? 9/20/22
Boynton, Sandra Hippos Go Beserk!: The 45th Anniversary Edition 8/30/22
Burach, Ross Goodnight Butterfly (a Very Impatient Caterpillar Book) 8/2/22
Butler, M Christina One Grumpy Day 10/4/22
Buyea, Rob The Daredevils 8/9/22
Calonita, Jen 12 to 22: Pov You Wake Up in the Future! 8/16/22
Cameron, W. Bruce Lacey's Story: A Puppy Tale 8/30/22
Campbell, Marcy The More You Give 8/2/22
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin Biscuit and the Great Fall Day 8/2/22
Chanani, Nidhi Shark Princess 9/13/22
Child, Lauren Clarice Bean, Think Like and Elf 9/13/22
Crummel, Susan Stephens Little Good Wolf 8/23/22
Dean, James Pete the Cat Plays Hide-And-Seek 9/13/22
Dean, James Pete the Cat and the Sprinkle Stealer 9/27/22
Deedy, Carmen Agra Wombat Said Come In 10/11/22
Dekker, Francie Our World of Dumplings 9/6/22
de Seve, Randall This Story is Not About a Kitten 10/4/22
Docherty, Helen Blue Baboon Finds Her Tune 9/6/22
Ferry, Beth Crab and Snail: The Tidal Pool of Cool 9/6/22
Feuti, Norm Beak & Ally #2: Bedtime Jitters 9/7/22
Fletcher, Tom The Christmasaurus 9/6/22
Fogliano, Julie I Don't Care 11/8/22
Ford, Ag Construction Site: Farming Strong, All Year Long 11/15/22
Funk, Josh My Pet Feet 8/23/22
Geron, Eric The Hocus Pocus Spell Book 8/30/22
Gratz, Alan Two Degrees 10/4/22
Gray Smith, Monique I Hope 9/13/22
Greenfield, Max The Book Is Not a Present 10/18/22
Griffiths, Andy Tales from the Treehouse: Too Silly to Be Told...Until Now! 9/20/22
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Memories of Trash and Treasure:  The Secret Letters 9/20/22
Hahn, Mary Downing What We Saw: A Thriller 9/6/22
Harris, Chris If You Laugh, I'm Starting This Book Over 9/27/22
Harrison, Lisi 1-2-3-4, I Declare a Thumb War 9/6/22
Hart, Caryl Sonny Says Sorry! 8/16/22
Henkes, Kevin Oh, Sal 9/27/22
Hesse, Karen Granny and Bean 9/27/22
Higgins, Ryan Hey Bruce! An Interactive Book 9/20/22
Holm, Jennifer The Big Adventures of Babymouse: Once Upon a Messy Whisker (Book 1) 9/27/22
Hrab, Naseem How to Party Like a Snail 9/13/22
Hunter, Erin Warriors Super Edition: Onestar's Confession 9/6/22
Jane, Pamela C Jumped Over Three Pots and a Pan and Landed Smack in the Garbage Can! 10/28/22
Karsten, Gulhemme Run! 10/25/22
Keller, Laurie Wake Me Up in 20 Coconuts! 9/20/22
Kontis, Althea Oodles of Doodles! Ready-to-Read Level 1 9/27/22
Kurstedt, Rosanne And I Think About You 9/20/22
Lang, Suzanne Grumpy Monkey Who Threw That? A Graphic Novel Chapter Book 9/27/22
Leitner, Inbal The Longest, Strongest Thread 9/6/22
Leonard Hill, Susanna Alphabedtime 10/25/22
MacLachlan, Patricia My Life Begins! 8/2/22
Madan, Vikram The Funny Book (Bobo and Pup-Pup) 10/18/22
Martin, Ann M. Jessi's Secret Language (the Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novel #12) 9/6/22
Martin, Bill Ten Little Squirrels 10/25/22
Martin, Stephen W. I Can't Draw 10/18/22
Marvin, Dan If Dinosaurs Had Hair 10/11/22
McCanna, Tim Peach and Plum: Here We Come! 8/2/22
McNamara, Margaret Fall Leaf Project 8/30/22
Melling, David Ruffles and the Teeny, Tiny Kittens 10/4/22
Menzel, Idina Loud Mouse 9/27/22
Miller, Darcy Strangeville School Is Definitely Not Cursed 9/13/22
Miller, Kayla Besties: Find Their Groove 9/27/22
Mlynowski, Sarah Best Wishes (Best Wishes #1) 9/6/22
Mrs. & Mr. MacLeod How to Eat a Book 10/4/22
Mumford, Martha We're Going on a Sleigh Ride: A Lift-The-Flap Adventure 10/11/22
Murguia, Bethanie Deeney When You Take a Step 9/27/22
Nickel, Sandra Big Bear and Little Fish 9/6/22
O'Boyle, Carolyn Forget Me Not 10/11/22
Pace, Anne Marie Mouse Calls 8/23/22
Paul, Ann Whitford If Animals Trick-Or-Treated 8/2/22
Penfold, Alexandra All Are Neighbors 8/23/22
Penguin Young Readers Licenses Bluey 5-Minute Stories: 6 Stories in 1 Book? Hooray! 10/11/22
Perl, Erica S. Truth or Lie: Dogs! 8/23/22
Pfister, Marcus The Rainbow Fish and His Friends 10/11/22
Pfister, Marcus Rainbow Fish and the Storyteller 10/11/22
Pierce, Lincoln Big Nate: Destined for Awesomeness 8/30/22
Pierce, Lincoln Big Nate: Release the Hounds! Volume 27 9/27/22
Random House If I Were Saint Nick - By the Cat in the Hat: A Christmas Story 9/6/22
Reagan, Jean How to Bake an Apple Pie 8/30/22
Rector, Rebecca Kraft Little Red and the Big Bad Editor 9/6/22
Rey, Margaret Pretzel and the Puppies: Paws Up! 9/27/22
Reynolds, Aaron Creepy Crayon! 8/23/22
Roberts, Justin I'll Be Your Polar Bear 10/18/22
Rockwell, Lizza Am I a Frog? 8/30/22
Rod, Candy Baker and Taylor: The Mystery of the Library Cats 9/6/22
Senior, Suzy Who Will Kiss the Crocodile?: A Snappy Twist on Sleeping Beauty 9/13/22
Shannon, David Gold! 9/6/22
Shull, Megan Billion Dollar Girl 9/13/22
Silva, Shanna A Dog's Guide to Being Human 8/23/22
Sonenshine, Randi The Lodge That Beaver Built 9/27/22
Sorosiak, Carlie Books Aren't For Eating 9/20/22
Sorosiak, Carlie Always, Clementine 9/6/22
Sosa, Daniela Friends 9/6/22
Spires, Ashley The Most Magnificent Idea 9/6/22
Springstubb, Tricia Looking for True 11/1/22
St. Pierre, Charis Welcome, Dark 9/13/22
Talbott, Hudson It's All About Me-Ow: A Young Cat's Guide to the Good Life 8/2/22
Tokushige, Zoe Airi Sano, Prankmaster General: New School Skirmish 9/20/22
Tracy, Kristen I Am Picky: Confessions of a Fussy Eater 10/18/22
Trasler, Janee Best Brother Ever! Ready-to-Read Graphics Level 1 9/27/22
Van Genechten, Guido Pip's Book 10/25/22
Walstead, Alice How to Catch a Witch 8/2/22
Watt, Melanie Scaredy Squirrel Visits the Doctor 10/25/22
Willems, Mo The Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster! 9/6/22
Willems, Mo An Elephant & Piggie Biggie, Volume 5 10/18/22
Wilmore, Alex The Very Special Thing 10/4/22
Witherspoon, Reese Busy Betty 10/4/22
Yanish, Brian Shark and Bot #3: Zombie Doughnut Attack! 8/2/22
Yoon, Helen I'm a Unicorn 9/20/22
Zimmerman, Andrea Firefighter Flo! 10/11/22
Zion, Gene Harry's Squirrel Trouble 8/9/22

Updated 9/28/22