Children's Books



Release Date

Alsdurf, Phyllis

A Simple Christmas On The Farm 9/28/21

Applegate, Katherine

Willodeen 9/7/21

Arnold, Tedd

Noodleheads Do the Impossible 9/7/21

Arnold, Elana K.

Starla Jean Takes the Cake 9/14/21
Avery, Annaliese The Nightsilver Promise (Celestial Mechanism Cycle #1) 12/7/21

Battersby, Katherine

Cranky Chicken 9/7/21

Baugh, Helen

The Spots and the Dots 9/7/21

Beyl, Charles

My Friend Ben and the Sleepover 9/15/21

Blake, Zoe Foster

Go Back to Sleep 12/28/21

Brett, Jan

Jan Brett's the Nutcracker 11/2/21

Butterworth, Nick

Trixie the Witch's Cat 9/7/21

Capetti, Antonella

How Beautiful 11/2/21
Charmatz, Sean

Endless Pawsibilities



Chatterton, Chris

Merry Christmas, Gus

Christelow, Eileen

Five Little Monkeys Looking for Santa 9/14/21

Collins, Ross

There's a Mouse in My House

Danneberg, Julie

Valentine's Day Jitters 12/14/21

Daywalt, Drew

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Kid 8/7/21

Daywalt, Drew

Green Is for Christmas 10/19/21

Dean, James

Pete the Cat's Groovy Imagination 9/7/21

Dean, James

Pete the Cat: Making New Friends 9/14/21

Deedy, Carmen Agra

The Children's Moon 10/19/21

Dodd, Emma

The Little Things 9/14/21

Draper, Sharon M.

Out of My Heart 9/28/21

Ecton, Emily

The Great Ghost Hoax 9/7/21

Fergus, Maureen

Mad About Meatloaf (Weenie Featuring Frank and Beans Book #1) 10/12/21

Forman, Gayle

Frankie & Bug 10/12/21

Fowler, Aisling

Fireborn 10/5/21

Fox, Mem

Cat Dog 9/28/21

Gonzalez, Christina Diaz

Concealed 10/19/21

Greenfield, Max

I Don't Want to Read This Book 11/9/21

Greenawalt, Kelly

I Am Brave!: An Acorn Book (Princess Truly #5) 1/4/22

Harper, Charise Mericle

Pepper & Boo: Puddle Trouble

Hale, Bruce

Super Santa: The Science of Christmas 9/14/21

Hedlund, Julie

Over, Bear! Under, Where? 10/19/21

Higgins, Ryan

Norman Didn't Do It! (Yes, He Did) 9/7/21

Higgins, Ryan

Thanks for Nothing (a Little Bruce Book) 9/7/21

Hopkins, Ellen

What About Will 9/14/21

Hunter, Erin

Creatures of the Flood 9/28/21

Irten, Gokce

Can You See Me? A Book About Feeling Small 9/7/21

Kann, Victoria

Rubylicious 9/28/21

Kann, Victoria

Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas 9/14/21

Kim, Jaime

Ready for the Spotlight 12/21/21

Knight, Tom

The Book of Rules: A Picture Book 10/19/21

Kokias, Kerri

You Might Be Special 10/5/21

Lang, Suzanne

Grumpy Monkey Oh, No! Christmas 9/14/21

Larochelle, David

See the Dog Three Stories About a Cat 9/14/21
Lezotte, Ann Clare Set Me Free


Li Langrand, Jocelyn

If You Miss Me

Liu, Dane

Friends Are Forever


Lord, Cynthia

Book Buddies: Ivy Lost and Found 9/28/21

Lynas, Em

The Cat and the Rat and the Hat 9/21/21

Mabry, Sheri

Being Mindful Like Grandpa 9/15/21

MacLachlan, Patricia

Barkus: The Most Fun: Book 3 9/21/21

MacLachlan, Patricia

A Secret Shared 9/28/21

Madan, Vikram

We Love Bubbles! (Bobo and Pup-Pup) 9/21/21

Martin, Ann M.

Kristy and the Snobs: A Graphic Novel 9/7/21

Martin, Emily Winfield

This Is a Gift for You 9/14/21

Matheson, Christie

Shelter 10/12/21

McMann, Lisa

Clarice the Brave 10/12/21

Melling, David

Rufflies and the Red, Red Coat 10/5/21
Messner, Kate

Fergus and Zeke and the 100th Day of School


Miller, Kayla

Besties: Work It Out 10/19/21
Miller, Darcy

Strangeville School is Totally Normal


Moore, Inga

Moose's Book Bus


Morris, J E

Flubby Will Not Go to Sleep


Morris, J E 

Flubby Will Not Take a Bath 9/21/21

Morgan, Sally

Little Bird's Day 10/5/21
Newsom, Gavin

Ben and Emma's Big Hit


Offsay, Charlotte

How to Return a Monster 9/7/21

Palacio, R J

Pony 9/28/21

Paschkis, Julie

The Barking Ballad: A Bark-Along Meow-Along Book 9/21/21

Paterson, Katherine

Birdie's Bargain 10/5/21

Paulsen, Gary

How to Train Your Dad 10/5/21

Pennypacker, Sara

Pax, Journey Home 9/7/21

Perry, Alex

Pighearted 10/26/21

Pilkey, Dav

Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot: Color Edition (Captain Underpants #12) 11/30/21
Pilkey, Dav

Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives: A Graphic Novel (Cat Kid Comic Club #2)

Plourde, Lynn

If You Were My Valentine

Portice, Michelle

Kit and Kaboodle Visit the Farm

Potter, Beatrix

I Love You, Grandma

Potter, Beatrix

I Love You, Grandpa


Random House

Lego Ninjago 5-Minute Stories 9/7/21

Ray, Mary Lyn

How to Have a Birthday 9/14/21
Reynolds, Peter H Love You By Heart


Reynolds, Peter H

Our Table 10/5/21

Robach, Amy

Better Together! 9/28/21

Rosen Schwartz, Corey

Cold Turkey 10/12/21

Roux, Madeleine

Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Academy: No Humans Allowed! 11/2/21

Rowling, J K

The Christmas Pig 10/12/21
Rubin, Adam Gladys the Magic Chicken


Rylant, Cynthia

We Give Thanks 9/7/21

Saltzberg, Barney

We're All in the Same Boat 9/7/21
Schachner, Judy Stretchy and Beanie


Schubert, Leda

Dogs Love Cars


Shepherd, Jodie

Slothy Claus: A Christmas Story 10/12/21

Sookocheff, Carey

Lost Things 9/7/21

Sriram, Meera

Dumpling Day 9/17/21

Stead, Philip C.

Amos McGee Misses the Bus 11/23/21
Sterer, Gideon The Christmas Owl: Based on the True Story of a Little Owl Named Rockefeller 10/5/21

Stutzman, Jonathan

Bear is a Bear 9/14/21

Surman, Joanne

Snow? 9/7/21

Swenson, Jamie A.

We Want Snow: A Wintry Chant 9/15/21
Teckentrup, Britta Home: A Peek-Through Picture Book


Vickers, Elaine

Thankful 9/7/21

Williams, Mo

An Elephant & Piggie Biggie! Volume 4 9/21/21

Williams, Mo

Guess What? (an Unlimited Squirrels Book) 10/5/21

Winter, Jonah

The Little Owl & the Big Tree: A Christmas Story 9/28/21

Worth, Bonnie

The Cat on the Mat: All About Mindfulness 10/5/21

Yogis, Jaimal

The Awakening Storm: A Graphic Novel (City of Dragons #1) 9/21/21

Yolen, Jane

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodbye? 9/28/21

Yoon, Helen

Off-Limits 10/12/21

Updated 10/28/21