Adult Books




Release Date

Adams, Taylor The Last Word 4/25/23
Adelman, Melissa What the Neighbors Saw 6/20/23
Agbaje-Williams, Ore The Three of Us 5/23/23
Allende, Isabel The Wind Knows My Name 6/6/23
Baldacci, David Simply Lies 4/18/23
Balogh, Mary Remember Me: Phillippa's Story 6/20/23
Banks, Ellie One Little Spark 5/23/23
Barclay, Linwood The Lie Maker 5/16/23
Barts, Andrea The Spare Room 6/20/23
Beanland, Rachel The House is on Fire 4/4/23
Benedict, Marie The First Ladies 6/27/23
Bentley, Don Tom Clancy Flash Point 5/23/23
Berman, Ella Before We Were Innocent 4/4/23
Bessette, Alicia Murder on Mustang Beach 5/16/23
Brashears, Monica House of Crofton 4/4/23
Brennan, Allison Seven Girls Gone 4/25/23
Bunn, Davis Shell Beach 4/25/23
Carr, Jack Only the Dead 5/16/23
Castillo, Linda An Evil Heart 6/11/23
Clark, Mary Higgins Where are the Children Now? 4/18/23
Cochran, Rachel The Gulf 6/13/23
Comey, James Central Park West 5/30/23
Constantine, Liv The Senator's Wife 5/23/23
Cooney, Caroline The Wrong Good Deed 5/23/23
Cronin, Justin The Ferryman 5/2/23
Cuti, Vanessa The Tip Line 4/18/23
Dallas, Sandra Where Coyotes Howl 4/18/23
Deveraux, Jude My Heart will Find You 4/11/23
Fox, Candice Fire with Fire 5/9/23
Gaylin, Alison Robert B Parkers Bad Influence 6/13/23
Graham, Heather Shadow of Death 4/18/23
Graves, Sarah Death by Chocolate Marshmallow Pie 4/25/23
Grissom, Kathleen Crow Mary 6/5/23
Haines, Carolyn Tell-Tale Bones 5/16/23
Harmel, Kristin The Paris Daughter 6/6/23
Henry, Emily Happy Place 4/25/23
Hepworth, Sally The Soulmate 4/4/23
Higgins, Kristan A Little Ray of Sunshine 6/6/23
Hildebrand, Elin The Five Star Weekend 6/13/23
Hood, Joshua Robert Ludlum's the Treadstone Rendition 4/4/23
Horan, Nancy The House of Lincoln 6/6/23
Hyde, Catherine Ryan Just a Regular Boy 5/2/23
Isaacs, Susan Bad, Bad Seymore Brown 5/2/23
Jackson, Joshilyn With My Little Eye 4/4/23
Jackson, Lisa The Last Sinner 6/27/23
Jennett, Meagan You Know Her 4/25/23
Johanson, Iris The Survivor 6/6/23
Keane, Mary Beth The Half Moon 5/2/23
Kelly, Martha Hall The Golden Doves 4/18/23
Lauren, Christina The True Love Experiment 5/16/23
Legrand, Claire A Crown of Ivy and Glass 5/9/23
Lehane, Dennis Small Mercies 4/25/23
Lustbader, Eric Van The Quantum Solution 5/9/23
Mackler, Carolyn The Wife App 6/27/23
Mallery, Susan The Happiness Plan 6/20/23
Maynard, Joyce The Bird Hotel 5/2/23
Meier, Leslie Mother of the Bride Murder 4/25/23
Meissner, Susan Only the Beautiful 4/18/23
Michaels, Fern Liar! 5/22/23
Michallon, Clemence The Quiet Tenant 6/20/23
Miranda, Megan The Only Survivors 4/11/23
Moore, Georgina Garnett Girls 5/16/23
Moore, Meg Mitchell Summer Stage 5/23/23
Morton, Kate Homecoming 4/4/23
Murphy, Nora The New Mother 5/30/23
Newman, T J Drowning: The Rescue of Flight 1421 5/30/23
O'Donoghue Caroline The Rachel Incident 6/27/23
Palmer, Diana The Loner 4/25/23
Parker, T Jefferson The Rescue 4/25/23
Patrick, Phaedra The Little Italian Hotel 6/6/23
Patterson, James Cross Down 6/5/23
Patterson, James 23rd Midnight  5/1/23
Patterson, Richard North Trial 6/13/23
Powell, Jason No Man's Ghost 4/18/23
Quick, Amanda The Bride Wore White 5/2/23
Roberts, Nora Identity 5/23/23
Rosenblum, Emma Bad Summer People  5/23/23
Sager, Riley Only One Left 6/20/23
Sanford, John Dark Angel 4/11/23
Sherwood, Kim Double or Nothing: James Bond is Missing 4/11/23
Shipman, Viola Famous in a Small Town 6/13/23
Sternbergj, Adam The Eden Test 4/25/23
Stradal, Ryan J Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club 4/18/23
Steel, Danielle Palazzo 6/27/23
Steel, Danielle The Wedding Planner 5/2/23
Thayer, Nancy All the Days of Summer 5/2/23
Urrea, Luis Alberto Good Night Irene 5/30/23
Ware, Ruth Zero Days 6/20/23

Updated 5/24/23