Adult Books




Release Date

Amidon, Stephen Locust Lane 1/17/23
Andrews, V.C. Eden's Children 1/3/23
Andrews, V.C. Little Paula 2/7/23
Armstrong, Kelley Murder at Haven's Rock 2/21/23
Armstrong, Ross Watch Me Disappear 1/24/23
Bardugo, Leigh Hell Bent 1/10/23
Bartz, Julia The Writing Retreat 1/10/23
Benedict, Marie The Mitford Affair 1/17/23
Berenson, Laurien Killer Cupid 12/27/22
Berry, Steve The Last Kingdom 2/21/23
Box, C.J. Storm Watch 2/28/23
Brennan, Allison Don't Open the Door 1/24/23
Cameron, Marc Tom Clancy Red Winter 12/6/22
Cameron, W Bruce Love, Clancy: Diary of a Good Dog 1/3/23
Chokshi, Roshani The Last Tale of the Flower Bride 2/14/23
Cook, Robin Night Shift 12/6/22
Dailey, Janet Blue Moon Haven 12/27/22
Dailey, Janet A Calder Heart 2/21/23
Doolittle, Sean Device Free Weekend 2/28/23
Douglas, Claire The Girls Who Disappeared 1/10/23
Dumas, Luke A History of Fear 12/6/22
Ellis, Bret The Shards 1/17/23
Ellison, J T It's One of Us 2/21/23
Golden, Christopher All Hallows 1/24/23
Gramont, Nina De The Christie Affair 2/1/23
Grippando, James Code 6 1/3/23
Harper, Jane Exiles 1/31/23
Hawkins, Rachel The Villa 1/3/23
Hendrix, Grady How to Sell a Haunted House 1/17/23
Herrera, Jennifer The Hunter 1/10/23
Hunter, Stephen The Bullet Garden 1/24/23
Hurwitz, Gregg The Last Orphan: An Orphan X 2/14/23
Hyde, Catherine Ryan So Long, Chester Wheeler 12/6/22
Jackson, Lisa Wicked Dreams 12/27/22
Jenoff, Pam Code Name Sapphire 2/7/23
Johansen, Iris More Than Meets the Eye 2/27/23
Kane, Darby The Last Invitation 12/6/22
Kellerman, Jonathan Unnatural History 2/7/23
Koller, Croft Stone Cold Fox 2/14/23
Koontz, Dean The House at the End of the World 1/24/23
Krentz, Jayne Ann Sleep No More 1/3/23
Kubica, Mary Just the Nicest Couple 1/10/23
Marshall, Heather Looking for Jane 2/7/23
Marshall, Kate Alice What Lies in the Woods 1/7/23
McDaniel, Tiffany On the Savage Side 2/14/23
Meier, Leslie Irish Coffee Murder 1/24/23
Meyerson, Amy The Love Scribe 2/7/23
Mosely, Walter Every Man a King 2/21/23
Moustakis, Melinda Homestead 2/28/23
Moyes, Jojo Someone Else's Shoes 2/7/23
North, Alex The Angel Maker 2/28/23
Parks, Adele One Last Secret 12/27/22
Patterson, James Countdown 3/20/23
Patterson, James 3 Days to Live 2/14/23
Perry, Thomas Murder Book 1/17/23
Powell, Jason No Man's Ghost 4/18/23
Reyes, Ana The House in the Pines 1/3/23
Robb, J D Encore in Death 2/7/23
Rosenfield, Kat You Must Remember This 1/10/23
Ryan, Hank The House Guest 2/7/23
Santopolo, Jill Stars in an Italian Sky 2/28/23
Smiley, Jane A Dangerous Business 12/6/22
Steel, Danielle Without a Trace 1/3/23
Stevenson, Benjamin Everyone in my Family has Killed Someone 1/17/23
Terry, Pamela When the Moon Turns Blue 2/21/23
Tracy, P J The Devil You Know 1/17/23
Tudor, C J The Drift 1/31/23
Verble, Margaret Stealing 2/21/23
Willingham, Stacy All the Dangerous Things 1/10/23
Zigman, Laura Small World 1/10/23

Updated 1/27/23