Stuffed Animal Sleepover Drop-Off


Have you ever wondered about what happens at the Library when it's closed?  We will share our secret world with your stuffed animal friends at our Stuffed Animal Sleepover.

Drop-Off: Wednesday, July 6, 3-5pm

Drop off your stuffed animal at the Library anytime between 3-5pm.

When you drop off your buddy you will: 1) Check out a really good book to read to your stuffed animal buddy.  2) Create a name tag for them.  3) Tuck your stuffed animal into our large shared stuffed animal bed for the night and read them their bedtime story that you picked out.  4) Say goodnight and take your book home so you can read it for your bedtime also.

Pick-Up: Thursday, July 7, 10:30am

Come pick-up your stuffed animal buddy and enjoy looking at the pictures from all the fun activities that happened after you left.  Doughnuts and water will be provided also.

*Dolls and other "babies" are invited as well.  One toy per child.