Junior Fun Club


For kids age 4 through kindergarten

Tuesdays @ 5pm

Programs will last 30-45 mins depending on activities

February 6 - March 27

Cash, prizes, and snack donations are welcome!

Store-bought, unopened packaged snacks only, please.

To be eligible to register for continuing programs, the child and their parent/guardian must have a fine-free library card.

Fun Club may be cancelled if Elmwood School is closed due to inclement weather.  Exceptions will be made if the weather has improved signficantly by 12 noon on the day of the program.  Please call the Library or check our Facebook page for program cancellations.

Please note: Kids should not attend the program on days that they are too ill to attend school.

Minimum of 8, maximum of 12 kids.  Children must be 4 years of age by February 6 and be able to attend without a parent/adult.  Children must also be capable of using the restroom by themselves.  Parents are required to remain inside the Library during the sessions.  You may drop off the registration form to the Library, fax it to 419-288-3766 (if faxing, please call to make sure we recieved it), or mail to WPL, 137 E. Main, Wayne 43466.  You will not recieve a confirmation and will only be contacted if spaces are full by the time we recieve your registration.  Please remember to mark your calenders.