Antiques Appraisal Roadshow



Antique Appraisal Roadshow

*First come, first serve basis                  

*All ages welcome                          

*Two item limit per person              

*No registration required

A registered antique and collectible appraiser in Wood County/Estate Sale Professionals/Antique Dealers will be present to value your items.  These three qualified individuals specialize in a variety of goods; including, but not limited to, small items such as buttons, misc. vintage items, postcards, fishing lures, rocks & fossils, Native American artifacts from 12,000 b.c.e. - 600 a.d., porcelain, pottery, textiles (clothing), items made pre-1850, antique toys, decoys, old advertisements, antique paper products and unique large scale items.  If you can carry it, bring it!  No guns please!

Any questions please call Morgan @ 419-288-2708

*please remember that this is for entertainment purposes only.  In addition, we are not responsible for any damages.