Stuffed Animal Sleepover Pick-Up

stuffed animals

Did you drop off a stuffed animal at the Library?

If so, come pick your friend up and check out all that went on!  Grab a morning snack while you are here also!

Pick-Up: Thursday, July 7, 10:30am

Come pick-up your stuffed animal buddy and enjoy looking at the pictures from all the fun activities that happened after you left.  Doughnuts and water will be provided also.

*Dolls and other "babies" are invited as well.  One toy per child.

Interactive Family Movie

homeward bound interactive movie

For this movie we will be playing the classic 1993 Homeward Bound.  What is fun about this movie is the first 30 people will receive a script and a bag of goodie.  During the movie certain things in the script will trigger you to eat, say or do something during the movie from your bag.  This is a fun activity for the whole family. 

Popcorn and water will also be served.

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